What’s different about real first aid?

Thousands of Australian employees have attended first aid courses but still don’t know how to respond in an emergency. Call us crazy but we think that’s massive waste of time, money and resources. That’s why we do things differently. Real First Aid courses are about ensuring everyone leaves with the confidence and ability to respond in an emergency.


  • Realistic Emergency Scenarios

    Realistic Emergency Scenarios

    Think fake blood, smoke, actors, props – yep, the lot. Everyone is going to get amongst it. The team will love you for not making them spend the day in front of PowerPoint slides.
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  • Flexible Training Options Available

    Flexible Training Options Available

    We tailor make first aid training and emergency courses that are unique to your needs that differ to other industries. We can also host first aid training off-site for you.
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  • Hanging With Heroes

    Hanging With Heroes

    Our Qualified instructors are world-class legends. They’re paramedics, critical care nurses and former military who want to empower every student, whatever experience they have.
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what’s in it for you?

It's the real deal

It’s the real deal

All Real First Aid courses are nationally accredited. First Aid is valid for 3 years and CPR certificate is valid for 12 months.

Serious value for money

Serious value for money

Be a winner with the accounts department. Our courses are more cost effective than most other first aid training providers in Australia.

Uncover your leaders

Uncover your leaders

Completing Real First Aid training is about creating leaders within your organisation. Staff will become more proactive about safetyand encourage others to do the same.

Need more convincing?

Tailored courses

Tailored courses

No two industries are the same, and we’re not going to pretend that all training sessions shouldbe the same either. Courses will be relevant to your workplace.

Free stuff for your team

Free stuff for your team

Fill your boots! Our free first aid resources are all yours

Melbourne First Aid Course CPR Module


It’s not just us who thinks we’re awesome at what we do. View Melbourne, Sydney and nationwide clients.



We sell them! We can also tell you how to use them and where it should live at your workplace. Hurry, they are on sale!

We're Trailblazers

We’re Trailblazers

We have successfully trained thousands of organisations using world-class simulation and real life scenarios

What's our story

What’s our story

Everyone has a backstory, here’s ours

About Real First Aid Courses

Real First Aid brings Australia first aid courses alive through the use of high quality, high fidelity simulations. We specialise in tailoring simulation-training packages, and are the only company in Australia to do so outside of the professional medical and military fields.

We work with a wide array of industries and hold Melbourne first aid courses and Sydney first aid courses on site. We have run first aid training sessions with Manufacturing, Construction, Government Agency and Entertainment and their clients. Clients of our first aid course include; The Department of Foreign Affairs, Toll, The Salvation Army, Crown, Charles Sturt University, Deliveroo, Sanitarium, Mercure, Ausnet Services and more!

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