About Us

Our mission is to save lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations.

Launched in October 2014, Real First Aid was born out of an acute need for engaging, interactive and realistic first aid training in Australia.

Having both personally experienced how disengaging traditional first aid courses can be, we were dismayed by the remarkably low information retention rate of students and decided to combine our experience as a paramedic and a teacher to combat ineffective first aid training.

Our goal is to fundamentally shift the way this critical information is taught and to capture the attention of our participants through realistic, immersive simulations. Having undertaken many such simulations in paramedic training, we have witnessed the real difference they can make in life and death situations and are determined to bring them out of the realm of military and medical training and into the public sphere.

We passionately believe that you can’t compromise on saving lives which is why all of our trainers are professional paramedics, firefighters or critical care nurses with crisis management experience.

Our mission is to save lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations. We achieve this through realistic simulations which are tailored for each individual client. These incorporate role playing, props, fake wounds, flashing lights, sirens, smoke, odours and an answering service designed to simulate 000 calls.

We are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and work with product engineers to create effects and props specific to our courses. Our strong network of expert policemen, firefighters, actors and pyro-technicians provide support and advice when needed. We’re also aligned with, and sit on the board of Simulation Australasia, a body of experienced simulation experts committed to creating ever-more realistic training experiences.

We are driven by working with exceptional clients who see a real need for equipping people with the skills to make informed decisions in high-stress situations. We are passionate, motivated and creative and by shifting from mundane and disconnected content to realistic and relevant experiences, we have the potential to make a real difference and save lives.

how our courses differ

  • Fully engages students
  • Simulate high risk, low frequency events
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Reveal hidden safety hazards
  • Combine team building with skills training
  • Test critical response in a controlled environment
  • Lead to long-term skill retention

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