Where Can I Find a Good Course About First Aid?

First aid training isn’t a new thing and there are many established training providers. First aid techniques and procedures are a valuable link in the life saving chain, and a major reason for the popularity of courses. In recent years first aid emergency response capability has improved dramatically, while the necessity for first aid commitment is also obvious during troubled times. Real First Aid training courses familiarise students with all the most effective traditional procedures, while simultaneously focussing on progressive developments that assist with superior first aid emergency intervention.

Where can I learn more about first aid?

As you learn more about first aid, you will realise just how valuable the knowledge and skill-set are. In fact, the first aid learning curve is ongoing and can lead to higher attainments for nursing, paramedic, military or other work where saving lives is a regular duty. Most first aiders, however, don’t encounter life-threatening situations often, and their first aid learning needs to remain fresh and ready for recall.

To accomplish optimum learning outcomes, Real First Aid uses simulation-based training. This is the training method used by paramedic, military and police academies for teaching emergency response in real-time. Simulation training is ‘learning by doing’ where course participants get away from the desk and into life-saving action. The simulation training methods encourage deeper learning plus superior knowledge and skills retention for recall whenever required.

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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Real First Aid courses are nationally accredited and in high demand with employers, thanks to simulation training methods that include:

• Realistic and familiar emergency simulations using props, actors and equipment
• Practice using real defibrillators, adrenaline auto-injectors and other devices
• Emergency signals including sirens, pyrotechnics, flashing lights and more
• Safe approach to emergency situations without putting lives in danger
• Communication with bystanders, helpers and emergency services
• Timed emergency response for a real first aid learning curve

Where can I find a good course about CPR?

The uptake of Real First Aid training courses in Melbourne and Sydney is extremely encouraging. Real First Aid was established to deliver superior training outcomes, and industry experts are noticing the difference simulation training makes. Our expansion includes high-standard Real First Aid CPR courses that are open to everyone.

Provide CPR (HLTAID001) remains one of the most popular introductory first aid courses, delivering fundamental life-saving capabilities to assist sufferers of cardiac arrest and other commonly experienced traumas. Real First Aid simulation experts can train your entire workforce, school group or community group onsite, and rapidly expand Australian emergency response capability.

Where can I learn more about CPR?

Simulation training is another name for ‘learning by doing’, where the skills are developed during training and ready for use as soon as training is complete. Provide CPR (HLTAID001) takes only 3.5hrs to complete, making it one of the most valuable and rewarding short courses available. Real First Aid training courses can be held at your premises or workplace, or you may prefer a small-team training session delivered at our headquarters. In addition, Real First Aid holds regular ‘Public Courses’ for learning CPR, held in different areas around Sydney and Melbourne so individuals, friends and small groups can all join in. Registration is required, and the HLTAID001 attainments are nationally accredited, lasting for one year prior to a refresher course.

Do first aid courses teach you about CPR?

CPR capability is an incredibly important skill for any first aider to possess. For this reason, all introductory first aid courses deliver the ability to perform CPR. The skills learnt in Provide CPR (HLTAID001) can be built upon with other capabilities including airway management, anaphylaxis response, bandaging, trauma injury assessment and a whole lot more.

Sad to say, although 26% of Australians have completed a CPR course, only 4% feel capable of delivering a timely and accurate CPR response in a genuine emergency. Fortunately, Real First Aid was founded just in time to raise the level of Australian first aid and CPR training delivery. Simulation training is one of our secrets, and when courses are delivered by highly experienced professional paramedics and other emergency services personnel, the results are outstanding, with first aiders saving more lives every day around Australia.