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Occupational First Aid qualifications carry extra responsibility in the workplace. Every progressive employer should have at least one or two accredited first aiders on site for overseeing safety standards, maintaining first aid equipment, and responding should an accident or emergency arise. Occupational First Aid content covers comprehensive first aid procedural steps, learnt using realistic simulation training for maximum course information uptake and retention.

Real First Aid course participants respond enthusiastically to the ‘learning by doing’ experience that gets them up from the desk and into emergency action. Simulations encourage student participation, promote leadership qualities, and build the foundations of an emergency response skill set. Occupational First Aid content is practically experienced using real emergency equipment in simulated responses overseen by experienced emergency services personnel.



On site training available

Course length: 2-3 days

Nationally Accredited

CPR Included

Certification length: 3 years

Simulation training included

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What Skill-set Do You Learn in an Occupational First Aid Course?

First aid and CPR attainments from Real First Aid are highly regarded and increasingly in demand. Occupational First Aid (HLTSS00027) is a comprehensive stand-alone course, and attainments can also be progressively gained in courses such as Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006) and Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID007). The courses empower students with the skill-set required to respond to any emergency in a timely and effective manner. Occupational First Aid attainments include:

  • Administering CPR to adults, infants and children
  • Defibrillator training using real emergency equipment and realistic props
  • Teamwork emergency response exercises simulating workplace settings
  • EpiPen training for treating anaphylactic shock victims
  • Bandaging and supporting broken bones, sprains and strains

Occupational First Aid attainments are an opportunity for career progression, especially for employees who require greater oversight of emergency facilities and equipment. As safety and security in the workplace become increasingly important, the role of first aiders is expanding in industries all around Australia. Occupational First Aid courses at Real First Aid empower students with a workplace-specific emergency skill-set, including:

  • Identifying, noting and reporting workplace dangers or risks
  • Consultation and communication with relevant authorities and stakeholders
  • First aid and emergency response planning
  • Oversight of first aid resources, equipment and funds
  • Improving first aid facilities in consultation with building management
  • Collating documentation and keeping records of accidents and incidents
  • Effective communication with emergency services

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Versatile Occupational First Aid Attainments

Real First Aid courses are immersive, introducing students to the realities of emergency response by replicating real emergencies. These deep learning techniques are particularly useful for first aid knowledge retention required in low-frequency high-risk situations. Each progressive step in Occupational First Aid leads to further attainments, a broader skill-set, and the opportunity to provide the best possible emergency response. Provide Advanced Resuscitation, for example, includes numerous techniques that save lives every day around Australia. Students learn how to resuscitate patients and assist breathing using oxygen resuscitators, bag valve masks, pocket masks, Oropharyngeal airways (OPAs) devices, pulse oximetry measurement, and much more.

The Occupational First Aid skill-set is vast, yet easily learnt and assimilated within a couple of days at Real First Aid. Each first aid skill is a building block for further attainments, with courses tailored for every individual. Fortunately, emergencies don’t happen often, but preparedness is essential, and Real First Aid remains committed to empowering course participants with first aid knowledge and skills for the benefit of all Australians.

Occupational First Aid and Workplace Safety

The link between emergency first aid intervention and patient survival rates is undeniable. In fact, cardiac arrest recovery rates begin to increase even when CPR is performed by an untrained bystander. With dedicated training delivered by experienced medical and emergency services personnel, Real First Aid attainments become important links in the life saving chain. Occupational First Aid provides complete emergency response procedures that sustain and maintain life prior to the arrival of professional medical assistance.

Workplace, school, and community settings are designed with safety and security in mind. However, accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, so it’s no surprise employers are upgrading first aid and emergency response facilities and procedures. A desire for safe and secure work and community spaces is something we all share, and Occupational First Aid at Real First Aid is the realistic way to attain the full range of first aid capabilities.