Fire Extinguisher Training Course – Melbourne

The lack of understanding by Australians regarding fire extinguishers is a situation requiring immediate improvement. The founders of Real First Aid agree, and commenced in late 2014 to reverse poor levels of first aid understanding and involvement. Only 13% of Australians know that there are various types of fire extinguishers with specific purposes and functions, and Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) delivered by Real First Aid industry experts will clear all misconceptions and extinguish any doubts.

Who should take the Fire Extinguisher training course?

Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) is ideal for people who thrive on responsibility and safety. At Real First Aid Melbourne you will learn the essential skills and extinguisher types for countering all types of fires. Fire extinguisher training is incredibly useful in a city as big as Melbourne, and having an extra qualification up your sleeve is sure to impress potential employers.

The course is also a great option for trained first aid officers who want to diversify or upscale their qualifications. First aid learning can be industry-specific or progressive, with attainments fitting together for greater emergency response capability. Real First Aid courses are open to anyone who has a genuine desire to assist others and provide safety, making Fire Extinguisher Training worthy of serious consideration.

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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What skills are learnt in the Fire Extinguisher training course?

The Fire Extinguisher Training Course is an essential component of first aid and emergency response. Fire is incredibly dangerous and even deadly, and putting out fires before they become unstoppable can be a feat of heroism that saves lives. At Real First Aid you are taught by real heroes who have been there and done that. Our Melbourne instructors are among Australia’s best, with plenty of real experience to back up the knowledge they impart.

The appropriate use of six major types of fire extinguishers is developed in PUAWER008, making the course appropriate for anyone who works in situations where fire could prove devastating. Fire extinguisher types include:

• Class A extinguishers used on wood and paper-based materials, plastics and rubber
• Class B extinguishers for use against flammable liquids, products and agents
• Class C extinguishers for putting out flammable gases before pressure builds
• Class D extinguishers to combat fires caused by combustible metals
• Class E extinguishers to combat electrical fires and those involving electric circuitry
• Class F extinguishers are used to manage fires caused by fats and cooking oils

Is the course nationally accredited?

Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) provides nationally accredited attainments with the qualification valid for one year prior to a short refresher course. The course is a stand-alone qualification and can be combined with other Real First Aid course attainments for increased emergency response capability. The course is an essential component of training packages that include the Public Sector Training Package and Defence Training Package, while many other industries that demand maximum safety include fire extinguisher training as an essential employment qualification.

What is the course duration of the Fire Extinguisher training course?

All Real First Aid courses deliver an impressive array of competencies in a short period of time. The Fire Extinguisher Training course takes only a couple of hours to complete, making it incredibly good value for the small investment of time and money. First aid knowledge is transformative, enabling newcomers to become qualified officers capable of approaching danger with skill and confidence. It’s not so difficult to become a competent and qualified emergency responder with Real First Aid course instructors on your side.

First aid knowledge, techniques and equipment continue to evolve, allowing trained first aiders to utilise their qualifications in wide-ranging occupations. In a big city like Melbourne, health, safety and security are central issues that require support from trained first aiders, making the Real First Aid Fire Extinguisher Training course a valuable addition to any first aid skill set.