Fire Warden Training Course – Melbourne

Those who frequent the Melbourne CBD understand the need for regulations to keep people safe. Workers in large skyscrapers are accustomed to security, health, safety and emergency procedures for additional reassurance. Fire Wardens are an important link when fast and organised response is needed, and in cooperation with security and emergency services personnel, fire wardens save many lives.

What does the Melbourne Fire Warden training course include?

Fire Warden is a position of great responsibility, and the role is suitable for people with leadership and communication capabilities. At Real First Aid, we help you develop your natural abilities for use in fist aid or emergency situations, and the capabilities are in demand by employers who want multi-skilled employees. Fire Warden training provides a workplace advantage, delivering capabilities that include:

• Development of workplace emergency procedures
• Preparing for an evacuation and assisting others
• Understanding emergency response duties
• Reporting risks and hazards in the workplace
• Evaluation of workplace emergency strategies

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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Fire Warden Training (PUAWER005B) by Real First Aid in Melbourne offers nationally accredited qualifications, with certification lasting for one year prior to a refresher course. The course delivers a tailor-made skill set for career potential, promotion and satisfaction.

Who should take the fire warden training course?

Real First Aid courses act as building blocks for developing greater accident and emergency response capabilities. We are privileged to offer a comprehensive range of courses that are in demand, allowing students to increase and improve first aid competencies. The Fire Warden Training Course is another asset worth considering in combination with other beginner, intermediate or advanced courses offered at Real First Aid.

Real First Aid Scenario Training

Anyone with ability to make sound and timely decisions under pressure can make an ideal fire warden. Real First Aid course instructors will help you develop the confidence, courage and skills needed when low-frequency, high-risk emergencies really happen. Communication skills are essential for Fire Wardens, and Real First Aid imparts skills that include:

• Relating to people from a range of cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds
• Ability to assist those with physical and intellectual disabilities
• Applying methods of accounting for people during an emergency evacuation
• Contributing to building management emergency planning
• Using equipment as assigned within workplace emergency procedures
• Communication with local building security officers and emergency services

Where are Fire Warden training courses held in Melbourne?

A superior advantage with Real First Aid simulation-based training is that we can come to you. Our simulations experts will transform a designated area of your workplace or building into a mock emergency zone. Realism is the key, so we can even add props, actors, sirens, pyrotechnics and more into the mix. Course participants learn while training, and once they have completed the course, they are ready to apply timely emergency response procedures according to your building protocol.

Fire Warden Training is also held at Real First Aid Melbourne headquarters. Individuals and groups are welcome for tailored training and qualifications that are in demand by industry experts and employers. We are located at:

1/3 Wellington St, St Kilda VIC 3182

How long does the Melbourne Fire Warden training course take to complete?

Considering how much knowledge and inspiration is imparted, it’s surprising Fire Warden Training (PUAWER005B) only takes four hours to complete. First aid procedures and techniques aren’t hard to learn when you have Australia’s best instructors guiding you, making Real First Aid training courses among the best value short courses available. The skills and knowledge of Fire Warden Training needs to be updated yearly, ensuring your work skills are ready and your colleagues are in good hands.