Level 3 Provide Advanced First Aid Course – Melbourne

First aid training modules are the progressive way to reach higher attainments and greater emergency response ability. Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006), previously called Level 3 First Aid, offers wide-ranging accident and emergency response techniques and procedures that are easy to master and apply, making course graduates industry-ready the moment training is complete.

What roles require the Melbourne Provide Advanced First Aid Course?

Provide Advanced First Aid is a Real First Aid specialty, allowing us to showcase the best of simulation-based training methods while you learn cutting-edge procedures using state of the art emergency equipment. First aid qualifications are essential in many Australian industries and workplaces where low-frequency, high-risk emergencies occur, such as:

• Health
• Aviation
• Community Services
• Transport and Logistics
• Forest and Wood Products
• Sport, Fitness and Recreation

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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As an advanced first aid course, HLTAID006 is for people who appreciate positions where leading by example is important. The versatile course attainments are adaptable to almost any circumstance where emergency assistance is required, and Real First Aid training methods ensure the knowledge and skills are deeply embedded and ready to be applied at any time.

What essential skills does the Melbourne Provide Advanced First Aid Course provide?

At Real First Aid, we only teach essential skills, allowing our course participants learn dozens of techniques and procedures in only 15-hours of dedicated training. In a large city such as Melbourne, being alert and ready to assist others is a natural inclination that can be enhanced dramatically with first aid and CPR training, making Provide Advanced First Aid (Level 3) in Melbourne a Real First Aid favourite.

Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006) qualifications will enhance any resume and convince employers that you are willing to learn and improve. Real First Aid instructors take training seriously, but are also adaptable and personable, enabling them to create the ideal first aid training environment and experience. Some of the life saving capabilities you will learn in this nationally accredited course include:

• Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, infants and children
• Practice using an automated external defibrillator (AED)
• Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) practice using an adrenaline auto-injector
• Safely approaching accident and emergency victims
• Communication with helpers and emergency services
• Immobilisation procedures for head, neck and spinal injuries

The list of course attainments goes on, giving some indication of how easy each individual procedure is to learn with the right instructor by your side. Additional skills delivered by Provide Advanced First Aid include response to seizures, assisting people in shock, addressing multiple casualty incidents and working as a team.

Where are Provide Advanced First Aid Courses held in Melbourne?

Real First Aid was established a few short years ago in 2014, and we are proud to be part of the changing face of first aid training in Australia. Our advanced simulation-based training has transformed delivery methods and resulted in superior course outcomes for students. Simulation training, or ‘learning by doing’ is ideal for on-site training at the location of your choice.

Simulation training, formerly used only by the best military, police and medical training organisations, is ideal for first aid training, where a confident and decisive approach can make the difference between life and death. Real First Aid simulations experts can establish mock emergency scenarios at your workplace, school or other venue, allowing your staff to train together and develop teamwork. Simulation training includes the use of actors, props, genuine emergency equipment, sirens, flashing lights, 000 calls and much more for an engaging, entertaining learning experience.

Real First Aid also hosts courses at our Melbourne Headquarters located at 1/3 Wellington St, St Kilda. Small to medium sized groups are welcome, so contact us to learn more about our extensive range of first aid training courses.

What are the course requirements?

You don’t require any prior first aid experience to learn Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006) in Melbourne. You will learn everything step by step without information overload, and our course instructors are among the best in Australia, from backgrounds that include paramedic, firefighter and military emergency medical response.

If you have the commitment for a couple of days dedicated to first aid study and practice, you have the potential to succeed. If you also have a desire to assist anyone in a time of need during an accident or emergency, Real First Aid can transform that desire into reality. Our methods are transforming the way Australians approach first aid, and we invite you to experience the Real First Aid difference.