Fire Extinguisher Training Course – Sydney

Australia’s biggest city continues to grow, making heath and safety issues more important than ever. Our large skyscrapers are overseen by building and operations managers who demand the best security measures, including the assistance of first aid trained staff, fire wardens and people with fire extinguisher knowledge and experience. Fire safety is a proactive and reactive first aid essential that Real First Aid Sydney delivers in the Fire Extinguisher Training course (PUAWER008B).

What skills are learnt in the Fire Extinguisher training course?

Fire response and burns treatments are commonly experienced by emergency services. In many cases, the degree of injury suffered or damage done could have been minimised by having first aiders with fire extinguisher training on site. When dangerous situations arise, all eyes turn to those who know what to do, including persons who know what fire extinguisher to choose and how to operate it.

Only 13% of Australians even realise there are varieties of fire extinguishers with specific purposes and functions, so increasing and improving first aid knowledge and skills is a Real First Aid goal worth striving for. Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) introduces course participants to the six major types of fire extinguishers and their appropriate use.

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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• Class A extinguishers used on wood and paper-based materials, plastics and rubber
• Class B extinguishers for use against flammable liquids, products and agents
• Class C extinguishers for putting out flammable gases before pressure builds
• Class D extinguishers to combat fires caused by combustible metals
• Class E extinguishers to combat electrical fires and those involving electric circuitry
• Class F extinguishers are used to manage fires caused by fats and cooking oils

Who should take the Fire Extinguisher training course?

Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) is an ideal course for people developing leadership or supervisory capabilities. It’s also suitable for staff and employees who thrive on teamwork and communication. Anyone working in large and small establishments should consider fire extinguisher training for countering every type of fire. The qualification is another step up the first aid ladder, and with Real First Aid training, employers get to choose industry-ready first aiders.

Real First Aid Scenario Training

Australians are known to change occupations often, so there is every reason to diversify qualifications and be ready to adapt. Real First Aid attainments can be workplace-specific or further developed for greater emergency response capability, allowing trained first aiders to develop their career path, search for new opportunities, and become promoted to positions of greater responsibility. Anyone who has a desire to make Sydney a better place should consider Fire Extinguisher Training as a core health & safety measure that really does save lives.

What is the course duration of the Fire Extinguisher training course?

Real First Aid instructors are some of Australia’s finest. That’s why in only a couple of hours you can learn essential first aid skills and knowledge that is retained. Our active, immersive approach, called simulation training, encourages students to ‘learn by doing’ in simulated emergency situations that induce natural responses. In other words, while you are learning you will also be gaining genuine fire extinguisher training practice. We understand that high-risk, low-frequency emergencies aren’t encountered every day, so our aim is to empower students with knowledge and skills that are deeply immersed and ready to be recalled whenever required. In less than half a day of training, your first aid and emergency response skillset can be dramatically improved and upgraded for the benefit of everyone.

Is this course nationally accredited?

Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) provides nationally accredited attainments and an extremely important skill set. The qualification is recognised for one year prior to the need for a short refresher course. Fire Extinguisher Training is an essential component of training for many industries including the Public Sector and Defence, while employers around Sydney appreciate the improvements an employee with fire extinguisher training can bring to the workplace. First aid training is a growth industry for plenty of good reasons, including your ability to stand out from the crowd and save lives when no one else can.