Fire Warden Training Course – Sydney

First aid officers know how to remain alert for signs of danger and ready for emergencies at all times. First aid capabilities vary according to occupation and level of training, including services that support other first aiders and emergency response crews. Fire Warden Training, as delivered by Real First Aid in Sydney is one example, being extremely important for implementing emergency evacuation procedures in all buildings, greatly improving occupational care and health & safety outcomes.

Who should take the Fire Warden training course?

The course is ideal for all sorts of people. There are those that already have first aid training qualifications and want to add to their skill set, while others aim specifically for Fire Warden Training that enables them to perform building and security duties to their best ability. All Real First Aid courses are building blocks that fit together for higher attainments, and the course choices are all yours.

You will need to be someone who wants to learn how to act under pressure, particularly for evacuations involving many people. The biggest buildings can have hundreds of people working on any floor, and the skill set needed to corral them and coax them away from ‘important’ work is an attainment worth working for. Essential skills and knowledge you will develop include:

What’s Included

Elements taught in Perform CPR

Anatomy and physiology of respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Respiratory emergencies

Cardiac emergencies

Shock and anaphylaxis CPR

Management of bleeding


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• Relating to people regardless of cultural, social and linguistic differences
• Accounting for everyone during an emergency evacuation
• Assisting those with disabilities and others in need
• Using emergency or evacuation equipment according to workplace guidelines
• Contributing to building management systems that create a safer environment
• Communication with other wardens, guards, first aiders and emergency services

What does the Sydney Fire Warden training course include?

At Real First Aid, our dedicated and talented course instructors help you build your core skills and develop new competencies. Real First Aid training methods are transforming the industry by helping students retain the knowledge and act with purpose when lives are on the line. Trained fire wardens are another link in the life saving chain, providing essential functions to alert and assist building occupants during emergencies or evacuations.

The skills we teach are in demand in workplaces, and Real First Aid training won’t let you down. Advantages our training will bring to a workplace include:

• Ability to assess risks and hazards in the workplace
• Communication skills during an emergency
• Leadership skills during an emergency
• Ongoing evaluation of workplace strategies
• Building management and operations influence
• Accurately reporting accidents and incidents

Anyone with ability to make sound and timely decisions under pressure can make an ideal fire warden. Real First Aid course instructors will help you develop the confidence, courage and skills needed when low-frequency, high-risk emergencies really happen. Communication skills are essential for Fire Wardens, and Real First Aid imparts skills that include:

• Relating to people from a range of cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds
• Ability to assist those with physical and intellectual disabilities
• Applying methods of accounting for people during an emergency evacuation
• Contributing to building management emergency planning
• Using equipment as assigned within workplace emergency procedures
• Communication with local building security officers and emergency services

How long does the Sydney Fire Warden training course take to complete?

Fire Warden training isn’t complex, but the skills and knowledge need to be deeply absorbed. Real First Aid uses simulation-based training, where realistic scenarios induce a more immersive training experience. Real First Aid are the first Australian training company outside the military and emergency services to include enhanced simulation training methods, or ‘learning by doing’.

The Fire Warden Training course takes only 4 hours to complete, making it an incredibly useful addition to any staff training program. The attainments last for one year prior to a short refresher course, and fire warden qualifications are a great addition to any first aid skillset. In one training session, you can have your entire workforce protected by trained fire wardens who are ready and able to act in a genuine emergency or evacuation.

Where are Fire Warden training courses held in Sydney?

Sydney is a big city, but our Real First Aid trainers can come to you. We are simulation training experts able to transform your space into a mock emergency scenario, allowing your staff to be trained on site. You will also get the opportunity to assess your workplace safety procedures, locate risks and hazards and learn how to effectively store and use equipment. You or your group may prefer to visit the Real First Aid Sydney Headquarters for tailored Fire Warden Training. Located at Level 3/50 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, we are easy to find and welcome you to experience the Real First Aid difference.