What is CPR?

CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a technique that was developed to treat sudden collapse into cardiac arrest. CPR uses the principles of artificial ventilations (mouth to mouth) and chest compressions by a rescuer to act as the patient’s heart and lungs. If done correctly and quickly then patients who are clinically dead have the chance of being revived by CPR.

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What is First Aid?

First Aid refers to the initial treatment given to a patient after an incident occurs. For example, if a painter fell of his ladder and broke his arm, the first aid would be administered by his co-workers. The Advanced Life Support would be administered by the paramedics and clinical care given by the doctors in the hospital. In First Aid we are not trying to diagnose a patient, we are trying to:

    - Preserve life
    - Protect the injured patient
    - Promote recovery
    - DO NO HARM!

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What is a First Aid Kit?

A general kit should have a few basic items:

    - Gloves
    - Face Shield for CPR
    - Dressings
    - Antiseptic

Workplace kits have more items to ensure it meets industry standards.There are also specialty kits such as burn modules, which cater to specific requirements.

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Are your courses nationally accredited?

Yes they are, under the auspices of Healthcorp Pty Ltd.

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How long is my certificate valid?

First Aid is valid for 3 years, CPR certificate is valid for 12 months.

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Where are the classes held?

Classes can be held at one of our many training facilities or onsite at your workplace, school or even home.

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Do you run onsite training?

Yes, for groups larger than 5 people.

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How big are your classes?

Usually around 10-15 people.

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Do I need Level 1 before Level 2?

No, feel free to join the Level II course with no prior knowledge, although it always helps.

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Can I do the course online?

You are able to do a theory component online. This reduces a Provide First Aid (Level 2) course from 2 days to 1 day.

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Do you run Public courses?

Real First Aid does not run public courses. We do however work with an affiliate who does run public courses. You can view their availability at realfirstaid.com.au/healthcorp/

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Do you have minimum numbers?

We don't have minimum numbers. We'd even be happy to run a course for 1 or 2 people. That being said, courses only really become affordable when you have around 6 people.

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What is simulation based first aid training?

Traditional first aid training generally involves sitting in a classroom all day and listening to someone talk from a power point presentation. Simulation based training is far more active, practical and relevant. Courses revolve around a number of tailored, highly realistic simulations of medical emergencies. These realistic scenarios are created using a whole range of props like fake blood, fake wounds, smoke, sound effects etc. The participants are immersed in these simulations and forced to deal with the situation as they would if it were real.

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