Ambulance Call

After receiving a call to a man who had cut his arms, my driver, a second medic and myself traveled to the location under code 1 conditions (urgent). When we arrived at the location a family member was waiting for us outside. I entered the house first and hastily made my way up the stairs to where we were told the victim was. Entering the bathroom I saw a man lying in a bathtub filled with red water suffering deep wounds in his arms and wrists (which had now stopped bleeding). I began to approach the patient to assess his condition at which point he started violently gesturing towards me to, ‘leave him alone’, attempting to strike me. I immediately moved away knowing that he had a knife somewhere and not wanting to put myself in danger. Furthermore, as he was refusing treatment, legally I could not treat him.

We tried reasoning with the patient, however he was adamant that he didn’t want treatment and was in an unstable state which made the scene unsafe for us to approach him. At this point we decided to call the police and wait for their arrival while still trying to reason with the patient.

Soon after, his wife arrived home and started to apply our bandages on his arms, despite the man still refusing treatment from us. Once the police arrived and with his wife’s assistance, we were able to receive the patient’s cooperation and take him to the ambulance.

After an unpleasant journey to the hospital, we were able to admit him in a stable condition.

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