Our People

  • Motti Blum
    Motti Blum

    After growing up in Melbourne Motti went on to study Accounting and Marketing at Monash University. Before he could set foot in the corporate world he was drawn to education and spent over 8 years working as an educator at Mount Scopus College.

    Through his time in a high school setting Motti became passionate about the importance of effective and relevant education. This lead to him partnering up with a paramedic, Ben Krynski, to radically improve the standard of education in the emergency training space.

    Together they started Real First Aid in late 2014 aiming to save lives by preparing organsations for the realities of emergency situations. Initially Real First Aid was limited to First Aid training, but over time it has become Australia’s only simulation based emergency training provider with Motti at the helm as CEO.

    Real First Aid was recently recognised as one of Australia’s top 30 most innovative companies in the Anthill Smart 100 Index.

    Motti is married to Carly and has two beautiful children, Micah and Rafaela.

  • Jessica Ross
    Office Manager
    Jessica Ross
    Office Manager

    Jessica is an Operations Professional who has worked in a range of industries supplying operational design support, project management and general office management and assistance. She is passionate about working with companies that focus on service excellence and values the experience she has gained with a range of start-ups who share that drive. 

    Jessica enjoys maintaining her fitness and likes to run long distance and play sport. To relax she loves to visit the beach. 

  • Rory Noonan
    Paramedic/Senior Instructor
    Rory Noonan
    Paramedic/Senior Instructor

    Rory began his training in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), where he trained as an underwater medic. During his 6 year enlistment he deployed on OP RELEX--the fisheries and border protection patrols in the top end--and deployed overseas in support of explosive ordnance disposal missions with RAN clearance divers. From 2012 to 2016 Rory worked as an Advanced Life Support paramedic in metropolitan Melbourne, responding to emergency 000 calls in the community.

  • Lucy Shao
    Critical Care Nurse/First Aid Instructor
    Lucy Shao
    Critical Care Nurse/First Aid Instructor

    Lucy is one of the Real First Aid trainers. She has been a registered nurse for 7 years with extensive experience in operating theatre nursing as well as nursing education. She currently works as clinical nurse specialist and clinical coach in one of the largest private hospitals in Melbourne. Lucy is passionate about delivering stimulation training as she believes in the importance of learning in a realistic environment whilst feeling safe and supported. On her days off you will find Lucy conquering the 1000 steps at Upper Ferntree Gully followed by a big scrumptious brunch as a reward.

  • Chethan Rangaswamy
    Head of Marketing
    Chethan Rangaswamy
    Head of Marketing
  • Luke Baird
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor
    Luke Baird
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor

    Luke holds a paramedic degree and has been working full time as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria since 2010. In that time, he has developed an interest in improving public awareness of basic first aid as it saves lives. He believes with his real world experience as a paramedic, he will be able to provide a level of first aid training that focuses on the aspects which are actually important.

    He is also a member of the Australian Army Reserve, serving as a Combat Paramedic, which has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of managing battlefield casualties.

    He spends his spare time down the beach or playing football in winter for the Victorian Amateur Football Association.

  • Ray
    Fireman/First Aid Instructor
    Fireman/First Aid Instructor

    Ray’s fulltime role is working in fire rescue and emergency medical response in the inner city. Ray has a strong training background delivering safety programs to various sectors ranging from retail to heavy industry. He loves getting away with his wife and two beautiful kids, and is always planning the next trip.

  • Mark Griffin
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor
    Mark Griffin
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor

    Mark has been working full time as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria since 2011 delivering emergency health care to the Victorian community. He is a clinical Instructor and an integral part of mentoring graduate paramedics new to the service. Mark is also a personal trainer and will out compress any student In a CPR challenge. 

  • Vincent Langen
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor
    Vincent Langen
    Paramedic/First Aid Instructor

    Vincent is a first aid instructor, simulation facilitator and paramedic with a passion for emergency medicine and teaching. He has worked in areas including commercial shipping, recreational SCUBA diving and in community emergency response and is keen to bring real world experience to the first aid training classroom. Vincent is also passionate about travel, diving and the great outdoors.

  • Brett Marais
    Combat Paramedic/First Aid Instructor
    Brett Marais
    Combat Paramedic/First Aid Instructor

    Brett enlisted in the Australian Army in 2008, and served for 8 years as an Advanced Medical Technician. The majority of his time was spent working in Special Operations. 
    Brett has been deployed on Operations to the Middle East and conducted numerous training operations in the Asia Pacific region. In his role, Brett has developed unique tailored training packages for combat and support units, which he and his team have delivered. Having completed international deployments around the world in both a combat and training capacity, Brett has trained, advised and supported foreign militaries medical units and provided primary healthcare in both a combat and civilian environment.

    Brett is currently employed as the Senior Instructor at Real First Aid. 
    Brett’s main role is delivering training, curriculum development, equipment management and assisting with recruitment.

  • Renee Reid
    Nurse / First Aid Instructor
    Renee Reid
    Nurse / First Aid Instructor

    Renee has been a Paediatric Nurse for 24 years and First Aid Instructor for 4 years.  Her expertise is derived from a range of clinical settings including 10 years at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne rotating throughout the burns, plastic and general surgery wards. Renee has worked as an educator across Australia and is passionate about delivering clinical and educational excellence.

    Renee has been married to the amazing Scotty for 23 years and their 3 kids Meg Jack and Bec provide immense joy and opportunities for growth!

  • Ben Krynski
    Paramedic / First Aid Instructor
    Ben Krynski
    Paramedic / First Aid Instructor

    Since 2006 Ben has been immersed in the emergency pre-hospital field. Beginning as a medic with the Israel Ambulance Service, Ben quickly became a leader, educating others. As an Instructor, Ben ensured new medics were capable of working in an emergency ambulance under very high-pressure situations in a dynamic part of the world.

    In a progression to ensure competency of qualifications in Australia, Ben transferred his skills and knowledge into an Australian Paramedics degree qualification and is currently an operational paramedic in Sydney.

    As a member of the Simulation Australasia Human Dimensions Committee, Ben is at the forefront of evolving technologies and methodologies in simulation. 

    Co-Founding Real Response Ben strives for excellence by pushing the boundaries of what is possible and keeping to the companies mission of ‘preparing people for the realities of emergency situations’.

  • Jaime Wallis
    Paramedic Lecturer/Instructor
    Jaime Wallis
    Paramedic Lecturer/Instructor

    Jaime is a Lecturer and Ambulance Paramedic who joined Real First Aid in 2015.  Jaime has a strong appreciation for high quality first aid training and the impact that this can have on both the first responder and patient.  She brings with her a wealth of experience from the clinical setting and classroom that she is eager to share with the community.  Jaime also enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with her little boy.

  • Thomas Gray
    Paramedic / First Aid Instructor
    Thomas Gray
    Paramedic / First Aid Instructor

Real First Aid Staff and Instructors

There are several components that make Real First Aid stand out from the competition. Our simulation based first aid training methods are an obvious feature that is transforming first aid training methods in Australia. Another reason for our success is the determination to bridge the gap between basic knowledge assimilation and genuine first aid response capability. Underlying all our success and achievements however, are Real First Aid’s greatest resource of all; our highly trained, expert, and committed Real First Aid staff and instructors.
Students of any subject will agree that even the most interesting and exciting subject matter can become as dry as a dog biscuit when knowledge is imparted by an unenthusiastic tutor and delivered in monotone mumbles. On the other hand, boring material can be made interesting if the teacher is animated and enthusiastic. So, you can imagine the effect of life-changing first aid and CPR skills taught by industry experts using enhanced simulation training techniques. Our course participants become enlivened, engaged and excited to share their training journey, and confident to put practice into reality should they ever face a genuine emergency.


Instructor qualifications, experience and background

At Real First Aid, we believe in developing the maximum potential of course participants. Our success isn’t by chance, and we hand pick our staff according to their high attainments, intelligence, experience, personality and ability to impart knowledge that stands the test of time. Our instructors are humble as well as capable, so without naming names (check out our profiles page), here is a small sample of the expertise on your side when learning first aid skills delivered by the experts at Real First Aid.
• Advanced Life Support Paramedic and Underwater Medic
• Critical Care Nurse
• Combat Paramedic
• Fireman
• Clinical Instructor and Personal Trainer
• Community First Aid Response
• Senior Medical Advisor
• Paediatric Nurse
• Teacher and Instructor
• Lecturer and Ambulance Paramedic
• First Aid Instructor


What skills are learnt in first aid courses?

As you can imagine from the above list, our courses provide a comprehensive approach to first aid training. Real First Aid instructors are multi-skilled individuals who appreciate the increased emergency response capability of teamwork. That’s one reason we apply enhanced simulation training techniques in our courses. With simulation training, formerly only used in military, paramedic, police and medical training, our students are absorbed into realistic life-and-death situations requiring a timely emergency response.
Our style is catching on, with Real First Aid simulation training spreading from Melbourne to Sydney, and employers couldn’t be happier. At last, they have genuinely trained first aiders on standby, ready to act at a moment’s notice to save lives. Even introductory course attainments at Real First Aid can make a huge difference in emergency response, while also developing character and confidence in our course participants. For example, Provide First Aid (HLTAID003), one of our foundational courses, imparts knowledge and skills that include:
• Provide CPR to an adult, child and infant
• Airway management and artificial respiration
• Automatic External Defibrillation (AED)
• Respiratory emergencies including anaphylaxis
• Management of bleeding plus bandaging
• Soft tissue injuries
• Head and spinal injuries
• Strokes, diabetes and seizures
There are a lot of skills learnt in only 1 or 2 days of training, providing an indication of just how easy the techniques are to learn when knowledge is imparted by Real First Aid staff and instructors. With Real First Aid, the attainments remain fresh until time for renewal of qualifications, providing a consistently high level of emergency response.


Course Locations

Real First Aid, established only recently in 2014, now reaches far and wide to serve the people of Melbourne and Sydney. Our local head offices are Real First Aid central, within convenient reach for everyone.
Melbourne Head Office: 1/3 Wellington St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Sydney Head Office: Level 3/50 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
Our instructors also travel to every corner of Melbourne and Sydney to deliver first aid simulation training at work, school and community locations for a tailored approach that gets terrific results and an enthusiastic response.
Our new public courses open to individuals and groups are also a big hit. Courses are held at our purpose designed facility in Melbourne, and in the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Sydney:
School of Arts Building: 138 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW 2026
Lake Parramatta Reserve: Illawong Drive, North Parramatta