What is Simulation Training

Real First Aid training is highly regarded for all the right reasons. Course participants attain impressive first aid competency levels, while employers appreciate skilled first aiders in a variety of roles. When combined with Real First Aid Simulation Training, first aid and CPR skills become natural abilities to be called on when required. The effectiveness of simulation training can’t be overstated, with the method used by governments, military, emergency services and medical professionals. The skills learnt empower first aiders to become a life-saving link between injured or unconscious casualties and hospital care.

Simulation Training is known to improve knowledge retention, and is an enjoyable way to experience a new learning paradigm. The simulations are replicas of recognisable work, school, or community settings, allowing students to immerse themselves in realistic emergency responses. For additional reality, course facilitators use actors, props, sound-effects, time-frames and more to elicit natural reactions. With a little practice, simple-to-master first aid skills become second nature, ready for use whenever high-risk, low-frequency emergencies arise.

What is Simulation Based First Aid Learning?

As emergency techniques and equipment have evolved, training simulations became the obvious next step for first aid instruction. Real First Aid embraced the evolution, quickly becoming established as an entertaining and enlightening first aid training organisation. Real First Aid takes simulations seriously, ensuring students are delivered a realistic yet safe learning experience that will prepare them for any eventuality, including the necessity of a fast and effective emergency response.

Simulation first aid training is known to save lives. At Real First Aid, simulations are overseen by qualified emergency services personnel, ensuring the best possible learning outcomes. Simulations include:

  • Role play using actors to encourage teamwork and leadership skills
  • Industry-specific props to emulate work, school, or community settings
  • Emergency response sounds, sights, and timelines for increased realism
  • Simulated 000 calls encouraging clear communication and an accurate response
  • Using real emergency equipment for CPR, first aid and anaphylaxis procedures

Australian-first Real First Aid Solutions

Versatile simulation training is suitable for every first aid attainment. Real First Aid training is further bolstered by familiarising students with real emergency response equipment and devices. In addition, although emergency equipment is state-of-the-art, it is purpose-designed to be user friendly for anyone with basic first aid training. In other words, Real First Aid simulation training is comprehensive, enlightening, and a fun way to learn serious life-saving skills.

how we achieve this:

  • role playing
    Role playing
  • Props
  • Fake wounds
    Fake wounds
  • Flashing lights
    Flashing lights
  • Sirens
  • Smoke
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Actors
  • Odours
  • An answering service designed to simulate 000 calls
    An answering service designed to simulate 000 calls

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Simulation training encourages inclusiveness and bonding with classmates in a ‘learning by doing’ environment. When first aid and CPR theory is backed by practical application of the knowledge, the ability to retain information is greatly enhanced, resulting is a more competent and capable emergency response. Real First Aid introduces a new generation of well-trained first aiders with a first-class skill set and greater knowledge retention.

Simulation Training for a Safer Australia

Real First Aid is honoured to be a leading first aid simulation training organisation. The company was founded with the ideal of better first aid delivery for all Australians, and simulation training has delivered on its promise. With greater awareness and the ability to easily assimilate first aid, CPR and anaphylaxis training, it’s possible to broadcast first aid skills as life-skills that anyone can acquire to make their home, workplace or community a safer place.

As first aid skills become pervasive across all business and industry sectors, Real First Aid qualifications are in demand. The attainments are a worthy stand-alone achievement, or a stepping stone toward an employment opportunity or promotion. First aid qualifications are an important component of many occupations, although their life-saving potential reaches far beyond the workplace, thanks to an at-ready skill set. Simulation training bridges the gap between the textbook and real emergencies by taking students away from the desk and into creative and remarkable learning environments.

The arrival of first aid simulation training coincides with growing partnerships between emergency, medical, security and other industries. First aid now comprises a multi-pronged life-saving skill-set to assist casualties until emergency backup arrives. As a vital link in the life-saving chain, trained first aiders are ready to respond, making Australia a safer place for everyone.