Tactical Casualty Care

This First Aid Course¬†is specifically designed to train individuals how to manage severe trauma caused by explosions, gunshots and stab wounds. Students will learn basic explosive and ballistic theory, followed by simple but important techniques that may be used to save another or one’s own life. The First Aid Course is designed for police officers, military personal or anyone working in a high risk industry. After completion of the theoretical content and ample time is given to practise the practical skills, students are thrown into a large scale scenario. The scenario represents a highly realistic situation that each specific group of students may face. The students of this First Aid Course then have an opportunity to practise their skills in a highly realistic simulated emergency.

On Site Training

Training Available Nationally
May Include Pyrotechnics
Provide CPR in Dangerous Situations

Simulated 000 Calls

Lights and Sirens

The course includes:

  • Introduction to treating life threatening trauma
  • Kinematics of Trauma
  • Explosive theory
  • Ballistic theory
  • Penetrating wounds
  • Administration of makeshift tourniquets
  • Administration of commercial/military tourniquets
  • Use of hemostatic agents.
  • Management of open sucking wounds
  • Introduction to Triage

An Introduction to Tactical Medicine


On site training available

Course length: 7hrs

Unaccredited course

Simulation training included

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