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Advanced first aid courses are inspiring, and possibly a little confronting for some people. This is a good thing, as Real First Aid simulation training is the safe way to learn all the skills for confronting real emergency response situations. Tactical First Aid Casualty Care (RFATAC001-3) is a Real First Aid initiative related to major first aid response in dangerous situations where injuries are inevitable. Tactical first aid is ideally suited to police, the military, paramedics, security forces, medical professionals, disaster response teams and anyone else wanting to broaden their first aid skill set and knowledge. Real First Aid encourages leadership and teamwork tactics for a safer, effective, life-saving approach to first aid.

What makes tactical first aid different?

All Real First Aid courses are progressive and compatible, allowing course participants to build on their knowledge and skills attainments. For example, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a valuable attainment that is contained in most first aid courses, and can be adapted for use on adults, children and infants. Real First Aid instructors provide consistency across all courses and levels, placing advanced first aid attainments within reach of all students. Tactical First Aid Casualty Care (RFATAC001-3) is the culmination of first aid training with the inclusion of units that include explosives theory, ballistics theory, and introduction to triage. The course is recognised by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), making it a valuable career stepping stone in a wide range of exciting and dangerous professions.

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What first aid training is involved in the course?

The course is extremely helpful for people working in dangerous occupations, or for those in regular occupations in dangerous environments. Skills and attainments include:

• Explosive theory
• Ballistic theory
• Kinematics of trauma
• Introduction to treating trauma
• Introduction to triage
• Applying a makeshift tourniquet
• Use of haemostatic agents
• Management of sucking wounds

Responding to severe, life threatening emergencies takes special character. Developing the courage to deliver first aid in dangerous surroundings involves demystifying the nature of severe injuries along with strengthening emergency response procedures. Real First Aid course facilitators and instructors have seen it all and know exactly how to respond in every emergency situation, and with their guidance, you can too.

Tactical First Aid Content

How is tactical first aid course content learnt?

Although tactical first aid response is often carried out on a large scale, regular first aid and CPR procedures are employed alongside other techniques and skills. For example, introduction to treating trauma includes identification of life-threatening trauma injuries, stabilising the patient, and commencing treatments that may include CPR, airway management, bandaging and other skills learnt at Real First Aid. Attainments include:

• First aid response for low explosives, high explosives and detonated devices
• Investigating injuries relative to the speed of victim, vehicle or weapon
• Investigation of launch, flight and behaviour of bullets and bombs
• Controlling excessive bleeding using cloth or other material as a tourniquet
• First aid interventions for slowing blood loss
• Management of puncture wounds, including collapsed lungs
• Prioritising emergency response where multiple patients suffer diverse symptoms

Can tactical first aid training be learnt in only one or two days?

Real First Aid courses pack a lot in over a couple of days training. At first glance it would seem highly unlikely that advanced first aid procedures could be learnt so quickly, so Real First Aid uses enhanced simulation training where practice really does make perfect. Simulation training, as used by the military, police and medical specialists, allows students to perform correct and thorough emergency procedures in a safe setting. Saving lives is serious business requiring genuine qualifications that are ready for immediate use upon course completion. Tactical first aid knowledge and skills taught at Real First Aid become life-skills that can be called upon at any time regardless of occupation or location.

Simulation training allows Tactical First Aid Casualty Care students to realistically experience the drama, pressure and complex nature of responding to large emergencies with multiple casualties. The course is a great opportunity for bonding with colleagues, developing leadership and teamwork skills, and achieving successful outcomes when faced with similar challenges in the real world.