Tactical First Aid Facts

Since establishment in late 2014, Real First Aid has grown beyond all expectations to become a major Australian first aid training provider. The growth has coincided with societal change and a need to adapt our approach to safety and security. Fortunately, Real First Aid instructors are highly experienced and qualified paramedics with years of experience in military and civilian environments where first aid intervention makes the difference between life and death. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (RFATAC001-3) is another Real First Aid initiative that introduces life-saving skills as life-skills that remain on hand and ready to be applied.

Who should undertake tactical medical training?

All Real First Aid attainments are useful skills for anybody to learn. However, tactical medical training focuses both small and large emergency scenarios requiring teamwork and leadership skills to successfully resolve. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care is employed by police, military and security personnel, along with other emergency services and humanitarian workers. Dangerous environments necessitate tactical solutions for effective life-saving intervention, and Real First Aid training solutions are designed to empower course graduates with knowledge and skills that are ready to be used the moment training is complete.

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Course length: 1-2 days

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Simulation training included

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What tactical medical training skills are learnt in the course?

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care provides a comprehensive introduction to life-threatening injuries and appropriate medical response. Every endeavour to assist a severely injured person is worthwhile, particularly first aid procedures that keep cardiovascular functions active until professional help arrives. Tactical emergency response is a team effort involving communication with superiors and colleagues, plus an understanding of first aid, CPR and other emergency procedures that can save lives. Knowledge and skills attained in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (RFATAC001-3) include:

Kinematics of trauma including the potential of motion and energy to cause trauma injury.
Introduction to treating trauma including identification of serious trauma injuries, stabilising the patient and commencing treatment.
Explosive theory investigating low explosives, high explosives, combustion explosion and detonated devices.
Ballistic theory for discerning the launch, flight and behaviour of missiles including bullets and bombs, plus appropriate medical emergency care.
Applying a makeshift tourniquet using a constricting band of cloth or other material to slow blood loss, while also monitoring the victim’s condition.
Use of haemostatic agents and other first aid interventions to slow blood loss and stabilise the victim’s condition.
Management of open sucking wounds or puncture wounds caused by a gun, knife or other sharp object.
Introduction to triage involving response to multiple casualties experiencing diverse injury symptoms.

Real First Aid training is informative, enlightening and incredibly comprehensive, packing in abundant tactical first aid attainments into a course lasting only 1-2 days. Almost all first aid and CPR skills and procedures are simple to learn, particularly in the hands of industry experts with professional experience saving lives. Real First Aid course facilitators and instructors are leaders in their respective fields who are eager to impart first aid knowledge for the benefit of all Australians.

Tactical First Aid Facts

How does a short course provide so much medical care knowledge?

The fact that so much can be learnt in a short amount of time proves that first aid skills and procedures are easy to master. In addition, Real First Aid aims to empower course participants with deeper levels of learning and skills retention. Since foundation in late 2014, Real First Aid has enhanced first aid training in Australia by the introduction of simulation training. The method isn’t new, although Real First Aid takes first aid simulation training to an entirely new level.

Real First Aid courses, including Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, are taught using real-time emergency practice scenarios. Our training exercises emulate realistic workplace, school or community settings for greater immersion in simulated reality that results in a far deeper learning experience and greater knowledge retention. When it comes to first aid and CPR training, the best method is ‘learning by doing’ that allows every individual to develop at a comfortable pace in a safe environment. Every class group is different at Real First Aid, and we have the experience and insight to encourage leadership, develop teamwork, and assist every student to the best of their natural life-saving ability.